Anglican Relief and Development Fund

The ARDF is making a difference in:

• Haiti

• Egypt

• Sudan

• Chile

• Congo

• Japan

With so much need in the world and so many organizations seeking to meet that need, what does ARDF offer that is distinctive and worthy of support? 

  • Careful stewardship – Like you, ARDF is committed to wise stewardship; and wise stewardship demands that we direct our charitable giving thoughtfully and prudently. Through a demanding process of “objective philanthropy,” we work to ensure your gifts are effectively put to work meeting needs, rebuilding lives, demonstrating the love of Christ, and building His Church. Project proposals are rigorously reviewed to ensure they meet our high standards; projects that pass this test are fully researched and this research report is submitted to a panel of Global Primates, representing Churches in developing countries, for their decision. Only projects approved by ARDF’s Global Trustees proceed to the fund-raising stage. And once a project is fully funded and completed, careful follow-up research ensures the objectives were met.

  • Partnership with Anglican Churches in developing countries –ARDF is well connected to Anglican Communion leaders and Churches worldwide, allowing us to discover, evaluate and fund projects that target specific communities and needs. This results in dramatic, long-term life improvements for people in those communities. 

The ARDF’s methodology is to search out local ventures in developing countries that have high impact results and provide permanent life changes. Projects are designed and managed by Global South Anglican dioceses to meet pressing needs in their communities, ensuring culturally appropriate implementation. Through our financial support we are privileged to partner with these Churches in tangibly demonstrating the love of God. 

  • Christ-centered values and worldview – We believe that Christ’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves is integrally linked to His commission to go into all the world and make disciples. That’s why we support holistic, community-based projects that incorporate evangelism.

  • Outstanding leadership – ARDF is lead by honorary chair, Baroness Caroline Cox and president Archbishop Robert Duncan (Primate of the Anglican Church in North America). Its board of trustees is comprised of six Global South Anglican Primates who vet and approve projects and eleven Anglican lay leaders from across North America.

  • Growing track record –ARDF was established in 2004 and has completed 106 projects totaling over $4.9 million around the globe in the last seven years, winning the confidence and respect of Anglican Church leaders throughout the developing world. In addition, about $1.5 million has been channeled through ARDF to meet urgent disaster relief needs.


The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth supports the Anglican Relief and Development Fund.
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