A Report
from the Diocesan Deputation to General Convention

Minneapolis • Aug. 2, 2003


Downtown Minneapolis
is dotted with fountains and
other water features. And in
winter ... ice sculptures?





Greetings from Minneapolis ...

... where streams of living water flow.


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The home page of the 74th General Convention is located at http://gc2003.episcopalchurch.org/gc2003/.


Business of the Houses

With the resolution concerning the election of the Rev. Canon Gene Robinson to the episcopate in the Diocese of New Hampshire scheduled to come before the House of Deputies at 3 p.m. Sunday, the house adopted on Saturday the rules of order it will use to deliberate and vote on the resolution. Forty-five minutes of debate will be allowed, with speakers alternating between those supporting and those opposing the matter. (A motion to allow more time was defeated.) Procedural motions will be allowed after 30 minutes of debate.

When the vote is taken, the resolution must receive approval from a majority of the clerical deputies as well as a majority of the lay deputies. If Canon Robinson is approved by both orders of deputies, the resolution will proceed to the House of Bishops on Monday.


Also on Saturday the House of Deputies voted to re-elect its president, the Very Rev. George Werner, who has attended every General Convention since 1970.


  While the House of Deputies is seated in rows,
members of the House of Bishops are seated
more collegially at tables of six or seven. The
bishops are seen here duirng a discussion period.

Six bishops-elect have been seated in the House of Bishops since the Convention began. (They are not yet bishops until their consecrations.) Seated on Friday and Saturday were the Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard of Florida, the Rev. Steven Andrew Miller of Milwaukee, and the Rev. C. Franklin Brookhart of Montana.

The bishops also voted to refer to their Theology Committee a resolution regarding the practice of allowing the unbaptized to receive Holy Communion. This is distinct from "open communion," which is the practice of offering the sacrament to baptized members of other Christian denominations, including Roman Catholics and Lutherans. While the latter is universally accepted, the former is contrary to the traditional teaching of the Episcopal Church. Those who advocate the communion of the unbaptized consider it a tool of evangelism.

Since the Theology Committee will not have time to make its report before adjournment on Friday, Aug. 8, the matter is effectively tabled until the next General Convention, in 2006.



Women's Triennial

Delegations were asked to wear matching t-shirts to today's session. Shown here in the uniform of the day are Mary Sue Coffman, Jodie Doremus, and Joan Blanton. The front patch on the t-shirts features the diocesan shield and mission statement, "Equipping the saints for ministry."





National Altar Guild Association

Following a Eucharist celebrated by the NAGA Triennial chaplain, the Rt. Rev. Duncan Gray, retired Bishop of Mississippi, the assmbled body conducted a business meeting, including the election of new officers and a revision of the by-laws that will allow increased participation by all association members.

The Rev. Timothy Kimbrough concluded the morning with a presentation of music for worship. We were guided in singing a variety of music from Global Praise 2: Songs for Worship and Witness, 2000. This was an opportunity to learn songs from the Taize community, by musicians from other countries, and in languages besides English.

– Sue Yarger


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