A Report
from the Diocesan Deputation to General Convention

Minneapolis • Aug. 4, 2003


Greetings from Minneapolis

The House of Bishops was scheduled to debate and vote Monday afternoon on Resolution C045, the consent to the election of the Rev. Canon Gene Robinson to be the next Bishop of New Hampshire. But when the doors to the House of Bishops were opened to visitors and members of the press just before 3:30 p.m., Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold read a statement announcing that a committee of its members would investigate "questions" raised earlier in the day regarding the candidate. A second statement was read immediately following by the present Bishop of New Hampshire, the Rt. Rev. Douglas E. Theuner. Both statements appear below.

The House of Bishops will not consider the resolution further until the committee it has appointed returns its report. Until then, all members are under a covenant with one another to make no public statements.


Other business of the Houses

The House of Bishops has adopted Resolution A103, which provides for the Revised Common Lectionary to replace the lectionary now found in the Book of Common Prayer (1979) beginning with Advent I, 2004. The changes principally affect the Eucharist readings for Sundays and Holy Days.

Also, the bishops set the assessment for National Program and Budget at 21 percent from each diocese.

Three stewardship resolutions passed during General Convention

D046 -- Stewardship of Water

Dioceses, congregations, and communities are urged to regard water resources as precious and to recognize that the right use of water is an explicit demonstration of the love of one's neighbor, since water connects “people and all creatures.” Further, the resolution gives recommended methods for conserving water and the environment.

A135 -- Holy Habits

Previous Conventions have passed resolutions affirming the tithe as the standard for giving. This Convention has passed a stronger resolution, which states in part:

  • As Christian stewards and leaders of the Episcopal Church, we affirm that we are tithing or have adopted a plan to work toward tithing as a minimum standard for our giving; and that, if we are not already doing so, we are committed to give priority to corporate worship, personal daily prayer and study, and sabbath time in our own lives, and we invite all members of the Episcopal Church to join us in these holy habits …

A130 -- Congregational Outreach Giving

The resolution urges congregations to adopt the principal of devoting as much of their resources of time, talent, and treasure outside of the congregation as on itself. Part of the 50/50 sharing should include adoption of 1 percent giving to seminaries, giving to international development programs that address root causes of ill health, illiteracy, and economic justice; and other worthwhile causes.





Aug. 4 Statement of the Presiding Bishop

Questions have been raised and brought to my attention regarding the Bishop-Elect of the Diocese of New Hampshire. The Standing Committee and Bishop of New Hampshire, together with the Bishop-elect, Canon Robinson, have asked that a thorough investigation be undertaken before we proceed with seeking the consent of the Bishops with juristiction. The investigation will be overseen by the Bishop of Western Massachusetts, the Rt. Rev. Gordon P. Scruton. I will advise the Bishops with jurisdiction as to when we might proceed.

The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold

Presiding Bishop and Primate
Episcopal Church, USA





During a break in the Friday, Aug. 1, committee hearing on his election, Canon Robinson posed for snapshots with his youthful admirers, some of whom testified in support of his election.




Statement from the Bishop
and Standing Committee of New Hampshire

The Bishop and the President of the Standing Committee of New Hampshire have requested that the Presiding Bishop investigate two concerns raised about Canon Robinson after the House of Deputies voted yesterday:

  1. His relationship to [the] website outright.org, a secular outreach program for gay and bisexual youth.
  2. An e-mail accusation of inappropriate conduct, circulated to a group of bishops.

The Bishop and the President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of New Hampshire express continued confidence in Canon Robinson. We also continue to maintain an open, prayerful, transparent, and spirit-led process. We have full confidence in the Presiding Bishop's commitment to fully investigate these matters.




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