A Statement from
Bishop Iker and the Diocesan Deputation
attending General Convention

Minneapolis • Aug. 5, 2003


The Bishop and Deputies of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth are deeply saddened by the vote of our General Convention to approve the consecration of an active homosexual living with another man as a Bishop of this Church. This schismatic act alienates us from the worldwide Anglican Communion and repudiates the clear teaching of Holy Scripture. Today the Episcopal Church, which we love and treasure, has violated its own Constitution which commits this Church to “upholding and propagating the historic Faith and Order” of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

As faithful Episcopalians, we grieve with traditional believers around the world who are so deeply wounded by this decision. We stand with mainstream Anglicans in defense of the faith and unity of the Church. We believe this action has set in motion a process that will lead to a realignment of the Communion.

On Wednesday we will gather for the Holy Eucharist and prayer. We will be consulting with other bishops and deputations to discern how we can remain faithful to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in an apostate church. We wish to comfort and reassure the people of our diocese. We are grateful for your continued prayer support. May God the Holy Spirit bless, preserve, and guide us.



+Jack Leo Iker



  The Rev. Canon Charles Hough
Clerical Chairman
Judy Mayo
Lay Chairman
  The Very Rev. Christopher Cantrell Anthony Clark      
  The Rev. Jay Atwood Walter Virden, III      
  The Rev. Thomas Hightower Franklin Salazar      

The Very Rev. Ryan Reed, first alternate

JoAnn Patton, first alternate      
  The Rev. Andrew Bradley, alternate Gene Dugan, alternate      

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