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From the Bishop
      October 16, 2015


Commission on Ministry Reorganization

At this year’s Diocesan Convention, the Commission on Ministry will be reorganized to once again have one Commission overseeing the ordination discernment process for both deacons and priests. Instead of having a Committee for the Diaconate and a Committee for the Priesthood, there will be but one Commission for all ordained ministry, as was previously the case in Fort Worth for many years. Now that we usually have only one or two vocations per year, it will work well to have only one Commission overseeing this process.

I am pleased that Fr. Tom Hightower has agreed to continue as Chairman of the COM. In order to effect the merger of the two committees, outgoing members of the Committee for the Diaconate will be thanked for their past years of service and not reappointed for another term.  First among these for our heartfelt thanks is Deacon Lana Farley, who has faithfully served as the convener of that committee for lo these many years. Other committee members whose terms expire at Convention are Fr. Andrew Petta, Pam Rottman, Deacon Kerwin Wade, and Lenore Rothman. Thank you all for your service. Committee members continuing on the newly constituted Commission on Ministry are Deacon Patricia Banks (2016), Deacon Sandra McCown (2017) and Fr. DeWayne Adams (2017).

The other members of the Commission and their term of office are as follows:

The Rev. Thomas Hightower (2018)
Jo Ann Patton (2018)
Larry Votto (2018)
The Rev. Eric Vowles (2018)
Tim Cox (2017)
The Very Rev. William A. Crary, Jr. (2017)
The Rev. Andrew Powell (2017)
Toby George (2017)
Debbie Petta (2016)
The Rev. Scott Wooten (2016)
The Rev. Joel Hampton (2016)
Mack Wood (2016)

The Commission ordinarily meets on the third Monday of each month at the Diocesan Center for Ministry. Members interview aspirants for the ordained ministry and make recommendations to the Bishop on the acceptance of postulants, the making of candidates for Holy Order, and the ordination of all deacons and priests.

All of us are deeply grateful to them for their assistance in this important spiritual discernment process for ordained ministry in our diocese.

Faithfully in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker
Third Bishop of Fort Worth