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The Bishop and his staff



The Bishop of Fort Worth
The Rt. Rev. Ryan S. Reed, SSC, D.D.

A press release with a brief biography of the Bishop.

Secretary to the Bishop
Dale Ward

Assisting Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman, SSC, D.D.

A brief biography of Bishop Ackerman


Chaplain to the Bishop
The Rev. Kerwin Wade
Director of Finance
Kristi Heffron

Finance Assistant
Danyl Harrell
Danyl Harrell]

Health and Retirement Benefits Coordinator

Fr. Michael Brooks, SSC

Fr. Michael Brooks

Security Director

Tilmon Gardiner

Director of Communication and Planned Giving
Suzanne Gill
(Diocesan historiographer)

Executive Director of Camp Crucis Conference & Retreat Center
Philip Craig
(office located in Granbury)

Philip Craig

Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Dillon Craig

Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry

Catherine Marshall