Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007  

The true difference

Two Religions

by Canon John H. Heidt
Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Fort Worth


For some time traditional Episcopalians have been saying that we now have two different religions in the Episcopal Church. The assertion is so startling and sounds so extreme that we easily nod our heads in agreement or disagreement and then toss it to one side. It may be helpful as polemics when arguing with our fellow Episcopalians but does little to help us understand our present situation. We need to know what these two religions really are and how they differ.

Bishop Robinson has finally let the cat out of the bag in his recent open letter to all his homosexual supporters. By urging them not to attack “the Church we are trying to help redeem,…” what may have originally been a slip of the tongue is nothing less than a devastating Freudian slip. Not only is this religion not ours; it is not the religion of the Bible or of traditional Christianity. We do not redeem the Church; we do not help redeem it or even try to help redeem it. We are not God. Jesus is God, and only He redeems the Church. Until now this has always been called the Gospel or Good News.

Gene Robinson has clarified the real difference between us. It is not about the nature of sex but the nature of God. We differ in our theology rather than in our understanding of biology.

Jesus is asking us what He first asked the Pharisees: “What think ye of the Christ; whose Son is He?” It is up to each of us how we answer the question. I for one want to get the answer right and not be associated with a pharisaical church that thinks it is above the law and the prophets.