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Lingering innovation



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Whose Property? (MS Word) (html) (PDF)

A response to the Rev. Tom Woodward’s “The Undermining of the Episcopal Church”

Two Religions in Collision

The indelible character of ordination

Once a Bishop, always a Bishop

The true difference in The Episcopal Church

Two Religions

Your priest is your spiritual father

Sermon Written for the Ordination of the Rev. Bill Estes to the Priesthood


The Union of Opposites

Marriage and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb


Your priest was ordained and set apart by God

The Care and Nurture of Your Parish Priest


The relationship between the juridical and the sacramental

Valid Marriage and Holy Matrimony


What constitutes the Church as a Communion?

The Catholic Church: The Communion of the Holy


Ordination of Women

Why Some Faithful Anglicans Still Cannot
Ordain, License or Accept Women as Priests

    The Meaning of “Alternative Primatial Oversight”    

What Is the Anglican Communion?

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compass rose

Bacon and Sex:
What Bible Christians believe about homosexuality


One – Holy – Catholic – Apostolic
Short essays on the nature of the Church

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