Diocese of Fort Worth

Assessment Formula for 2005


Canon 16 of the Diocesan Constitution and Canons give the Executive Council authority to assess parishes and missions to meet the Diocesan budget as adopted by the Diocesan Convention.

The formula used by the Executive Council to determine the assessment of each parish and mission of the Diocese is as follows:


Item "A" (total Normal Operating Income) reported on the parochial Report Form for the Year 2002.
12.% for all churches on the first $50,000.00 of average income.
16.5% on that portion of average income that exceeds $50,000.00.


"A" item of the Parochial Report is a total of the following items for general purposes:
1. Plate Offerings
2. Pledge Payments from membership
3. Contributions from Congregation’s Organizations
4. Net Operating Investment Income
5. Other Operating Income, including unrestricted gifts and restricted gifts used for operations

Chart of all diocesan assessments for 2005 (PDF)