the episcopal diocese of fort worth

twenty-fifth annual convention

November 16 & 17, 2007


25 Years~Together in Mission



Friday, November 16, 2007

All Saints Episcopal Church

5001 Crestline Road

Fort Worth, Texas 76107


2:00 pm:                                    Mass @ All Saints Episcopal Church

                                    5001 Crestline Road, Fort Worth, TX 76107

                                    Guest Preacher: The Rt. Rev. Frank Lyons, Bishop of Bolivia

                                    (Clergy Vest – Cassock, Surplice and & White Stole)


Following Mass                    Registration for Friday session – Parish Hall

                                    Opening session begins at 4:30 pm and ends at 6:00 pm – Church Nave


Following Opening Session        Hospitality and Dinner at Ridglea Country Club – 6:30 pm

                                    3700 Bernie Anderson Avenue

                                    Fort Worth, TX 76116

                                    (Paid Reservations Required for dinner)

                                    (Directions included)


  I.               Initial Business      

                             ¬Welcome by the Host Dean - The Very Rev. Christopher Cantrell, FW West Deanery

                             ¬Election of the Secretary of Convention

                             ¬Report of the Credentials Committee - The Very Rev. Ryan S. Reed - Chair

                             ¬Report on Canon 16.7 - The Very Rev. Christopher C. Stainbrook, Finance Comm. Chair


 II.               Introduction of The Standing Rules of Procedure - Mr. William T. McGee, Chancellor


III.              The BishopÕs Nominations


IV.               The BishopÕs Appointments


 V.                  Report of the Nominating Committee - The Rev. Stephen W. Jones

                     ¬Nominations from the floor


VI.                  Report of the Elections Committee – The Rev. H. Jay Atwood

                    ¬ First ballot to be taken on Friday


VII.                 Introduction of New Clergy by Bishop Iker


VIII.             First Report of The Constitution and Canons Committee – Mr. David Weaver, Chair


  IX.             Report on The University of The South, Sewanee – The Rev. Tommy F. Bye


   X.              Report on Evangelism – The Rev. Scott J. Wilson, Chairman


  XI.             Report on the Diaconate – The Rev. Deacon Lana Farley








Saturday, November 17, 2007 Agenda

Will Rogers Memorial Center

3401 W. Lancaster

Fort Worth, TX 76107


7:30– 8:45 am   Registration in front of the East Texas Room - Everyone must re-register

                  Continental Breakfast served during registration- provided by Vance Godbey


8:30 am          Morning Prayer in the East Texas Room

9:00 a. m. - Saturday session called to order- East Texas Room- Will Rogers Memorial Center


 I.                Report of the Credentials Committee – The Very Rev. Ryan S. Reed – Chair


II.               Bishop IkerÕs Annual Address to the Convention


III.              Report of the Elections Committee – The Rev. H. Jay Atwood

                    ¬ Ballots as needed


IV.                    Report of the Resolutions Committee – The Rev. Robert L. Young


 V.                 Second Report of The Constitution and Canons Committee – Mr. David Weaver, Chair


 VI.                Report of The Corporation of The Diocese of Fort Worth – Dr. Frank Salazar, President        


VII.              Reports on The Canterbury Houses

                            ¬  St. Anselm (UTA) – Brian Pickard

                       ¬  St. EdwardÕs (TCU) The Rev. Jonathan I. Ogujiofor

                       ¬  St. LukeÕs (Tarleton State University) Stephenville – The Rev. Sam McClain              


VIII.             Report on Hispanic Ministries for Diocese of Fort Worth – The Rev. Dewayne Adams


12:00 Noon – recess for noonday prayer and lunch (Paid Reservations required)

A Barbeque Lunch will be provided by SammieÕs Barbeque



1:30 pm. Convention Reconvenes


   I.                       Report on World Mission Committee – Mrs. Lollie Twyman              


  II.                       Report on Christian Education – Mrs. Kristy Leaseburg


 III.                      Report on Risk Management – Mr. Rod Barber


 IV.                      Report on the Youth – The Very Rev. Scott R. Wooten, Youth Ministry Advisory Committee


  V.                      Report on Camp Crucis – Jason Bontke – Director


 VI.                      Report on The Episcopal Church Women – Mrs. Mary Sue Coffman


VII.                       Report on The Ministry on The Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse – The Rev. Tommy Bye          


VIII.                      TreasurerÕs Report - Mr. Walter Virden, III, Treasurer

                                              ¬ Receipts & Disbursements, year ending December 31, 2006

                                              ¬ Report of Receipts & Disbursements for current year, ending September 30, 2007

                                              ¬ Proposed Operating Budget for calendar year 2008

                                              ¬ 2008 Assessment Formula


  IX.                     Courtesy Resolutions – The Rev. Robert L. Young




                                         November 14 & 15, 2008