The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
Equipping the Saints for the Work of Ministry


The 27th Annual
Diocesan Convention
November 6 & 7, 2009 • St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Arlington


Six proposed resolutions will come before the Convention.

Resolution 1: The Anglican Church in North America
Resolution 2: Anglican Communion Covenant
Resolution 3: Anglican-Orthodox Ecumenical Relations
Resolution 4: Dissolution of Parishes and Congregations ...
Resolution 5: Anglican-Roman Catholic Ecumenical Relations
Resolution 6: Affiliating Parishes

The following amendments have been proposed by the Committee on Constitution & Canons.
Note that this will be the first reading for all amendments to Articles of the Constitution. A second vote to ratify the changes will be required at the next convention. The canonical changes, if approved, would take effect immediately.

Article 12: Deputies or Delegates to Extra-Diocesan Conventions ...
Article 14: Title to Church Property
Article 17: Election of Bishops and Calling of an Assistant Bishop
Article 19: Alterations and Amendments to the Constitution
Canon 10: The Executive Council
Canon 22: Formation of New Parishes





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