The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth  

Mass of Collegiality
also called the
Chrism Mass

St. Vincent’s Cathedral Church • Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker, Bishop


Each year on Tuesday in Holy Week, the clergy of the diocese gather with Bishop Iker for this traditional service, which has three special purposes that distinguish it from any other occasion during the year. First, the bishop, priests, and deacons renew their ordination vows, and the clergy join the Bishop at the altar during the consecration of the Eucharistic elements. Following the administration of Holy Eucharist, vials of holy oils (chrism) are brought to the altar for the Bishop to bless. Following the service, these are distributed to the priests to use throughout the year for baptism and healing. Also, according to ancient custom, the Bishop blesses a priest host (or fermentum) for each congregation. Each rector or vicar receives one of these, which he will use in his own church during the Maundy Thursday liturgy. In this way, the Bishop's blessing is communicated to the entire diocese.

The tradition of this service dates back to the early Church and is part of the annual preparation for Easter.

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The clergy process into the church.
The Gospel.
The St. Ambrose Singers.
  The sermon. The renewal of ordination vows.  
    The peace.
The clergy join Bishop Iker
to consecrate and receive the Eucharist.
  The concelebration.  

Blessing the holy oils.

The dismissal.