Art from La Gran Familia

2017 Mother’s Day Offering
List of Honored Women


Following are the names of women honored through Mother's Day donations
to the La Gran Familia boys’ and girls’ homes in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico,
in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Mexico.

Each donor had the opportunity to name one or more women
mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, neighbors, friends, teachers, and others – 
in whose honor or memory the gift was made.
Every effort has been made to spell each name correctly; some names may not be legible.
Send corrections and notice of omissions to

To all the donors – Thank you for your generous gifts!


Lina Allen


Violet Baily


Leona Mae Bendure

Tracey Bennette

Pat Berry

Lois Boyer

June Bragenzer

Rebecca Brock

Michele Bryant

Linda Burkholter

Louise Burkholter

Pam Burney

Nita Cannon


Carol Miller Corry

Chiquita Costen

Paulette Culpepper

Mother of the Denny grandchildren

Bonnie Dickson

Amy Dube

Galeen Dunham


Mariam Foster Frymire

Mary Gavagan

Mothers of Good Shepherd, Granbury

Gene Goss

Robin Goss

Frances Gupton

Marjorie Hadlock

Marguerite Hahn

Gina Harbison

Christine Hass

Jane Harekel

Nellie Hays


Nina Henderson

Kim Hendon

Erin O'Neill Henkel

Carolyn Henry

Tammi Hollingsworth

Charlene Hunt


Dorothy Joffrion

K. Joneda

Natalie Knight Jones

Lou Keegan

Anna Kendall

Clydie King

Beverly Kouterick

Mildred Landis

Gladys LeZotte

Linda Littlefield

Beverly Locklin

Mary Loveday


Summer Marrow

Lois Ruby McDaniel

Mary Elizabeth McInnis

Rosemary McInnis

Mother of the Meyer grandchildren

Mr. & Mrs. George Midgley

Joyce G. Moody

Kim Morris


Robin Murray

Erma Newton

Mary Norman

Dorcas Ajibola Omosebi

Courtney Rigdon Parks

Sarah Una Peck

DeeDee Pena

Jo Beth Peoples

Lavern Powell

Elizabeth Reed

Karen Reed

Jennifer Richardson

Gloria Rigdon

Hillary Rigdon

Monick Rigdon

Inell Risner

Adeline Rogers

Millitza Mary Ann Santino

Bery Schelper

Jane Shelton

Sara Sims

Joan Smith

Martha Ligon Smith

Rose Smith

Helen Sodowsky

Elizabeth Stavinoha

Mothers of St. Alban’s, Arlington

Mothers of St. Andrew’s, Grand Prairie

Mothers of St. Barnabas,
Fort Worth

Mothers of St. Stephen’s, Hurst


Jean Swann

Bettie Tipton

Mothers of Trinity Church, Henrietta

NaNa Turner


Lucille Vincent

Mildred Walker

Michele Warren

Mary Ann Weisiger

Dorothy White

M. Whitsel

Frankie Willinex

Sherry Wood



Numerous Anonymous or Undesignated Donations