Art from La Gran Familia

2018 Mother’s Day Offering
List of Honored Women


Following are the names of women honored through Mother's Day donations
to the La Gran Familia boys’ and girls’ homes in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico,
in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Mexico.

Each donor had the opportunity to name one or more women
mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, neighbors, friends, teachers, and others – 
in whose honor or memory the gift was made.
Every effort has been made to spell each name correctly; some names may not be legible.
Send corrections and notice of omissions to

To all the donors – Thank you for your generous gifts!


All Mothers

Mother Antonini

Marylyn Arndt

Marylyn Arnot

Sammie Janice Ausmus

Avalon and Nadine

Elaine Bailey

Violet Bailey

Roberta Beadel

Dianna Benavides


Joyreen Tay Bittencourt

Lois Boyer

Madolyn Giles Brown

Peggy Bruce

Virginia Byrnes

Nelsie Chumlea

Virginia Clark

Mary Nell Collier

Charlotte Cornwell

Chiquita Costen

Willa Mae Cox

Donna Crisman

Daphne, Mary, & Marie

Pearl Dale

Margaret Davis

Mozelle Davis

Dorothy Dougherty

Ella Mae

Mother Embry


Linda Fair

Elaine Ferguson

Leah Fullenwider

Diane Garcia

Edna Gill

Gene Goss

Norma Groat

Jere H.

Marjorie Hadlock

Shelly Hampton

Theta Hargrove


Helen & Evelyn

Carolyn Henry

Shara Hetherington

Andree Hickey

Eleanor Hildenbrandt

JoAnn Hoffmann

Sue Hogg

Charlene Hunt

Militza M. Hunter

Donna Iker

Janelle Jones

Ida Kavals

Lou Keegan

Carolyn King

LaJean Lawrence

Linda, Lucinda, & Jane

Lela Little

Maurine Little

Beverly Locklin

Emma Lyon

Marite Martinez

Mattie, Mary, & Babbie

Anne Maund

Betty Maund

Bonnie Lee Maund

Ruby McDaniel

Margaret McIlnay

Mary Elizabeth McInnis

Melba Jo Merrell

Welma Meyer

Babs Michael

Mary Miller

Clarecia S. Morton

Mary Murphy

Jean Murray

Nancy & Royce

Erma Newton

Peggy O'Connor

Cindy Paxton

Erma Perrier

Ethel Peryman

Caron Ruth Petros

Theresa Powell

Wilma Powell

Ernestelle Raynes

Kathy Reed

Mitzi Riley

Diane Robbins

Lori Roberts

Minerva Roberts

Marisa Rodriguez

Lucy Rose

Denise Rozwalka

Ruth & Anabella

Jeanette Shields

Eve Shilling

Ida Sockolovsky

Helen Sodowsky

Emory Stagg

Cheryl Stewart

Julie Stone

KC Strate

Kristi Strawbridge

Bettie Tipton

Dot Tullar

Mother Upham

Lucille Vincent

Dorothy White

Florence Will

Lise Wilson

Adrienne Woolridge

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and gifts from

Holy Cross, Abilene

St. Anthony, Alvarado

St. Peter & St. Paul,

St. Andrew’s, Breckenridge

St. John’s, Brownwood

St. Francis, Dallas

Christ the King & All Saints’,
Fort Worth

St. Anne’s, Fort Worth

St. Barnabas, Fort Worth

St. Luke’s, Mineral Wells

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Numerous Anonymous
Undesignated Donations