Art from La Gran Familia

2019 Mother’s Day Offering
List of Honored Women


Following are the names of women honored through Mother's Day donations
to the La Gran Familia boys’ and girls’ homes in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico,
in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Mexico.

Each donor had the opportunity to name one or more women
mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, neighbors, friends, teachers, and others – 
in whose honor or memory the gift was made.
Every effort has been made to spell each name correctly; some names may not be legible.
Send corrections and notice of omissions to

To all the donors – Thank you for your generous gifts!



Linda Allen

Violet Bailey

Carmen Baker


Metah Boroughs

Lois Boyer

Nelsie Chumlea

Chiquita Costen

Paulette Culpepper


Cloma Ellis

Linda Fair

Jean Hardin

Ann Harkins

Linda Hatcher



Carolyn Henry

Hattie Herring

Sue Hogg

Dorothy Joffrion



Lou Keegan

Carolyn King

Natalie Knight-Jones

Beverly Kouterick

Kristi Lepek


Mary Elizabeth McInnis

Rosemary McInnis

Merite & Marisa

Melba Jo Merrell



Welma Meyer

Mary E. Mitchell

Sally Penney

Hallee Pesch

Net Reis

Polly Riley

Minerva Roberts

Kelly Samra

Leslie Samra


Tammy Satterwhite

Cheryl Stewart

Emily Tompkins

Lucille Vincent

Linda Waters



≈ ††† ≈

and gifts from


Victor Deatherage

M. Frey

Richard & Ann Gipson

Colin Hiley

Caron Overbeek

Holy Cross, Abilene

St. Anne’s, Fort Worth

St. John’s, Brownwood

St. Vincent’s, Bedford