Statement by Judy Mayo,
lay deputy from the Diocese of Fort Worth,
at the hearing of the Special Committee on Wednesday, June 14.


I rise to speak against Resolution A162, "Public Rites of Blessing for Same-Sex Unions." First, I would like to thank the Special Commission for is work. I know its members put in many hours of hard work, and truly did desire and seek the Lord's direction as they listened to each other and produced his report.

judy mayo

However, there are several very troubling things in this resolution. First of all, "regret" for an action is a good first step, but it is only a beginning – a first step. We parents know that. As a Director of Christian Education, I teach our children this. Genuine and true regret leads to repentance: a change in action, a change in direction. This is where the rubber meets the road! Just as "faith without works is dead," so is regret dishonest and hypocritical without a change in action, a "going in a new direction."

Secondly, if an action is wrong morally, it is wrong everywhere and at all times. The blessing of same-sex unions is against he clear teaching of Scripture and, thus, wrong, whether it is performed in a large public ceremony in a church, or in a small private affair in a chapel or home, whether in an "authorized diocesan rite" or in an innovative private ceremony.

Third and finally, instead of simply "expressing regret that the proper constraints of the bonds of affection were breached by the authorization of public diocesan rites," [Windsor Report, item #144], we as the Episcopal Church need to express true sorrow and repentance that the consecration of Gene Robinson was an action which went against the plain teaching of Scripture and the age-old consensus of the Anglican Communion. True regret and sorrow mean a change in action.