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75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church

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Day 8 Tuesday, June 20
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Statement on election


A Statement of the Deputation
Concerning the Defeat of Resolution A161

The lay and clerical deputations of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worh voted against the resolution titled "Anglican Communion: Election of Bishops" (A161), which came to the floor this week from the Special Committee (number 26), for the reason that it addresses the Windsor Report with language that is inadequate and dishonest.

Adoption of A161 would only continue the "fog" in which this church has found itself living for the last three years. It is a non-answer to very important questions concerning matters that are at the core of what we believe. It would continue to give permission to bishops all over this church who allow same-sex blessings, even though we don't officially have liturgical rites for such blessings. The third "resolve " of resoluion A161 sought to provide

that this General Convention affirm the need to maintain a breadth of responses to situaions of pastoral care for gay and lesbian Christians in this Church

The resoluion simply failed to say "no" to all of this.

We as a deputattion have been seeking clarity in all these matters The true position of the House of Deputies was exposed after the substitute resolution, offered by the Very Rev. Christopher Cantrell, using Windsor Report language to call for a true moratorium on these matters, was ruled out of order as unconstitutional. At that point, the flawed committee resolution returned to the floor, and we joined wih many of the other Network dioceses to vote this dishonest resolution down. The substitute was the only resolution we could have supported.

The Communion now learns that the Episcopal Church will do whatever it wants, regardless of the consequences. We are saddened by this, but it would be worse to have compromised the faith we have received.

The Rev. Canon Charles A. Hough III
Deputation Chair