A Report
from the Diocesan Deputation to General Convention

Minneapolis • July 30, 2003


Today was the opening day, both for the deputies to General Convention and for the delegates to the Women's Triennial. Convention business is scheduled to continue daily until Friday, Aug. 8; the Triennial will adjourn on Saturday, Aug. 2. Reports from both meetings will be posted daily on this site.

The day began with Eucharist in the chapel at Westminster Presbyterian Church. The legislative session convened at 11 a.m. at the convention center.

Westminster Presbyterian Church
The Minneapolis Convention Center
In the foreground is a monument housing the ship's bells
from the USS Minnesota and the USS Minneapolis.

Business of the Houses

The House of Bishops passed a resolution requiring all deputies to be confirmed members of the Episcopal Church. In the House of Deputies, deputations from Liberia and Navaholand were welcomed. A vote was taken to admit the dioceses of Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

In addition to their floor duties, our deputies serve on committees as follows:

Canon Charles Hough and the Very Rev. Christopher Cantrell

Dispatch of Business
The Rev. Jay Atwood

Walter Virden

Judy Mayo

Consecration of Bishops
Anthony Clark


Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold was among the panelists at an opening press conference, at which questions were raised concerning two controversial issues: a proposal to develop liturgy for the blessing of same-sex unions, and a call for consent to the consecration of Canon Gene Robinson, a divorced, non-celibate gay man, as bishop of New Hampshire. Bishop Griswold said he did not expect the Episcopal Church to be broken apart in the event that either action is approved. "I have deep confidence in the power of the Spirit ... to hold us together," Bishop Griswold told the media.

Presiding Bishop
Frank Griswold
ECW President Pamela Stewart addresses the Triennial.
Adorning the stage is a quilt representing every diocese in the Episcopal Church.

The opening session of the Women's Triennial, at 2:30 p.m., featured the premiere of a 22-minute video, "Women at the Table," produced for the ECW by Katie Sherrod, a member of Trinity Church, Fort Worth. Celebrating the ministry of women in the church, the video featured interviews with Lollie Twyman, chair of our diocesan World Mission Committee and outgoing chair of the diocesan Altar Guild, at Marie Cullen, director of Camp Crucis and diocesan youth ministry. At the conclusion of the video, the assembled delegates rose to their feet to applaud.


The House of Deputies in session, as seen from the visitors' gallery.



Note: A report on issues surrounding the election of Gene Robinson in New Hampshire is scheduled to air on "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" on PBS Friday, Aug. 1, at 10 p.m. in Dallas/Fort Worth. Bishop Iker and members of the deputation are among those interviewed for the report.


Finally, as if to prove that life does go on elsewhere in the Anglican Communion, our diocesan Canon Theologian, the Rev. John Heidt, has received a note of commendation from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most. Rev. Rowan Williams, on his forthcoming book, A Faith for Skeptics. The Archbishop writes,

I read this book with a rather breathless enthusiasm, carried along by its absolute clarity, its energy and wit, its intellectual and imaginative zest. It is quite simply one of the best brief introductions to the essentials of classical Christian faith I have encountered in years. It has spiritual depth without any sentimentality, rigour without dryness. Buy several copies and give them away as indiscriminately as you can to friends old and young who want to know why they should bother with the Gospel.


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