The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker, Bishop


July 11, 2005


The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Rowan Williams
Lambeth Palace
London SE1 7JU, England


Your Grace,

We write in regard to paragraph 15 of the Primates’ Communiqué of February 24, 2005:

15. In order to protect the integrity and legitimate needs of groups in serious theological dispute with their diocesan bishop, or dioceses in dispute with their Provinces, we recommend that the Archbishop of Canterbury appoint, as a matter of urgency, a panel of reference to supervise the adequacy of pastoral provisions made by any churches for such members in line with the recommendation in the Primates’ Statement of October 2003.

The Diocese of Fort Worth is in such serious theological dispute with the province of our Communion of which it is a part, the Episcopal Church (ECUSA). This serious dispute is over matters concerning human sexuality, including the matter of the ordination of women to the presbyterate and episcopate.

The General Convention of 1997 voted to make the ordination of women mandatory throughout the Episcopal Church, where before it had been permissive. We have been assured that in the future the necessary consents will not be given to any man elected to be bishop who does not approve of the ordination of women. Contrary to the understanding of an "open process of reception" as articulated by the Eames Commission on Women in the Episcopate, the Diocese of Fort Worth is aware that the election and consecration of a suitable successor to our present bishop is not possible, given the present circumstances. As a diocese, committed to the "open process of reception" as articulated by the Eames Commission, we now appeal to you and the primates for some means by which we can remain full members of the Anglican Communion.

Enclosed you will find a fuller assessment of our situation and a number of exhibits supporting the same.

We look forward to working with you.

Faithfully in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker     The Very Rev. Ryan S. Reed
Bishop of Fort Worth     President, Standing Committee


cc: The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold


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Text of Appeal

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