News of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion

A brief lexicon of terms, acronyms, titles, and organizations:

Alternative Primatial Oversight

a working definition

what it means

Anglican Communion Network (ACN or the Network)

a bishop-led group of dioceses, congregations, and clergy formed within the Episcopal Church; Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh is moderator of the Network

American Anglican Council (AAC)

an advocacy group linking and supporting individuals and churches in the U.S. as they promote biblical, orthodox Anglican Christianity

Council for Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA)

13 provinces in the fastest-growing part of the Anglican Communion, headed by the Primate of Nigeria, Archbishop Peter Akinola

Equipping the Saints

a 20-page document prepared by the AAC

a phrase from Ephesians 4:12, which is the mission statement of this diocese: “to equip the saints for the work of ministry

General Convention

triennial legislative conference of the Episcopal Church; each diocese is represented by its bishop(s), four clergy and four lay people

Global South

parts of the Communion south of the equator; mostly conservative in their theology; including Africa, South America, and Southern Asia

Instruments of Unity

four entities of the Anglican Communion, namely:

the 38 Primates

the Lambeth Conferences

the Anglican Consultative Council


the Archbishop of Canterbury (called the "Focus of Unity”)

Panel of Reference

a body appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to hear appeals from parishes in dispute with their bishops, or dioceses in dispute with their provinces

Resolution B033

a substitute for the failed Resolution A161, B033 was passed in the closing hours of General Convention; the resolution concerns the election of bishops and was intended to show compliance with the Windsor Report

Standing Committee

three clergy and three lay persons elected by diocesan convention to be the Bishop's "council of advice"; defined in the diocesan Constitution and Canons

The Windsor Report

issued in October 2004, commissioned by the Primates of the Communion and drafted by the second Eames Commission


• A page of news and resources concerning events on the national and international levels

Audio and video links

Public Radio interviews Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and
Bishop Jack Leo Iker of Fort Worth (click on a name to hear the interview)



Areas of Interest:

TEC Presiding Bishop, House of Bishops, and Executive Council

‘My Response to the House of Bishops statement,‘
by Fr. Randall Foster

Chancellors in the Dioceses of Quincy and Fort Worth receive letters concerning accession language in their Constitutions and Canons

Standing Committee resolution concerning Province VII
and a letter concerning the resolution



Dar es Salaam – February 2007

Bishop Iker: We Stand with the Primates

Letter from Bishop Duncan concerning
the Primates’ Meeting and Communiqué

(this is a PDF document)

Bishop Iker’s Statement on the Communiqué

The Communiqué and Recommendations
of the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam
February 14 - 19, 2007

Report by Ruth Gledhill in the London Times


75th General Convention (June 2006)
& ECW Triennial

Daily Reports from Columbus

Erroneous headline in the Star-Telegram

Bishop Iker’s statement
on the election of the new Presiding Bishop

Report to the Diocese
from Bishop Iker
on the 75th General Convention

Network Bishops issue Position Statement
following passage of B033

Diocesan action since General Convention

Standing Committee calls on Diocesan Convention
to withdraw consent
for membership in Province VII

Alternative Primatial Oversight

Diocesan Executive Council and Standing Committee
release statement reaffirming pursuit of APO

(PDF document)

Global South Steering Committee Report concerning November meeting with APO-requesting bishops

Global South Steering Committee announces plans to meet with APO-requesting dioceses

Kigali Communiqué from the Global South Primates

Bishop Iker responds to the Kigali Communiqué

Executive Council affirms APO appeal (PDF)

Combined appeal from the APO bishops
to the Archbishop of Canterbury (PDF file)

The Vestry of St. Vincent’s Cathedral endorses diocesan appeal

The Canon Theologian on
the meaning of alternative oversight

Streaming video interview of Bishop Iker
by Stand Firm in Faith

The Standing Committee
asks for alternative oversight

The Dioceses of Pittsburgh, South Carolina, San Joaquin, Central Florida, Springfield and Quincy have appealed for alternative primatial oversight.

2006 Diocesan Convention

Sermon delivered by Canon Daryl Fenton
at the Friday Convention Eucharist

Bishop Iker’s Address to the Convention


2007 Budget

2007 Assessments

Episcopal News Service report
(no longer available on ENS)

New York Summits

The Archbishop of Canterbury calls for
Summit Meeting in New York

Statement on meeting and
Archbishop's respons
e, issued Sept. 13

Bishop Iker’s statement
concerning the New York Summit

Anglican TV interviews Bishop Duncan
about the NY Summit
(25 min.)

Bishops decline invitation to a second
New York Summit meeting (PDF)

Proposal for "Primatial Vicar” announced;
response offered

The Windsor Report

Letter from the September 2006 Camp
Allen meeting of Windsor Bishops

Interview with Bishop Iker
concerning the Camp Allen meeting

The Windsor Report

of the Lambeth Commission
on Communion (PDF document)

Letter to the House of Bishops
from the diocesan Standing Committee

A resolution from Diocesan Convention

The House of Bishops' Covenant Statement (March 2005)

The Statement of the Network Moderator

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference

The Panel of Reference responds
to the appeal of the Diocese of Fort Worth

Bishop Iker's statement on the Panel's report

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
Panel backs diocese's gender policy

Report by The Daily Telegraph (London)

Report from page 1 of The Church of England Newspaper

The original Appeal documents (July 2005)

The Panel's Index Page
members • mandate • procedure

Documents and a timeline
concerning the Panel of Reference
and the Appeal


The Anglican Communion Network


Bishop Duncan’s address on
“The Future of Anglicanism,”
delivered Oct. 25 at Nashotah House Seminary

Documents, announcements,
and commentary

What is the Network?

Link to the Network Web site


Commentary by Bishop Iker

Bishop Iker is interviewed by Greg Griffith

“Our Future in Question,” A Viewpoint by Bishop Iker,
in The Living Church Magazine

Report to the Diocese
from Bishop Iker
on the 75th General Convention
(June 2006)

Separation? At What Cost? (Lent 2006)

Has the Episcopal Church really
complied with the Primates' request?
(April 2005)

Bishop Iker’s perspective
on the ECUSA Bishops’ “Covenant Statement”
(March 2005)



Equipping the Saints:
A Crisis Resource for Anglican Laity

This 20-page PDF document, prepared
by the American Anglican Council,
is a comprehensive resource for anyone
interested in the future of the Episcopal Church.

“Challenge and Hope:”
The Archbishop of Canterbury's
June 27 statement

Four Essays on Women's Ordination

The Anglican Communion
(a two-page PDF)

74th General Convention
(July-August 2003) & ECW Triennial

Daily Reports from Minneapolis

A Pastoral Letter
from Bishop Iker

issued Sunday, Aug. 10, 2003

Statement of Bishop Iker
and the Standing Committee

concerning the consecration
of Gene Robinson



Episcopal Church report:
Diocese of Fort Worth
leads Province 7 in growth

Parish-by-parish statistical information is available on the Episcopal Church Web site

Chart comparing growth, shrinkage in traditional and progressive dioceses

The Anglican Communion Web site

The Global South Web site

The Canon Theologian's Page

Anglican Communion responses to the election of Bishop Gene Robinson and the approval of same-sex blessings:

Anglican Consultative Council
asks ECUSA to withdraw voluntarily until 2008

Comment from Bishop Iker
on the February Communiqué

Communiqué from the Primates
of the Anglican Communion

Additional statements in response
to the Communiqué

Bishop Iker's Address
to the 21st Annual Convention
of the Diocese of Fort Worth
Nov. 8, 2003

The Resolution
concerning V. Gene Robinson

passed by the Convention

An Open Letter to Bishop Frank Griswold
from the Church of the Province of Uganda