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From the Bishop

June 29, 2008

It has been a joy to participate in the GAFCON experience in Jerusalem, and I welcome and endorse the proclamation that has been issued at the conclusion of our week of deliberation and prayer.

It is a positive contribution to the future direction of the Anglican Communion, as well as a very encouraging affirmation and validation of the realignment that has been taking place in the Communion over the past few years.

We stand in solidarity with the GAFCON movement and principles, and we in Fort Worth look forward to the continuing saga of this exciting development in our life together as faithful Anglicans.

May the Lord continue to bless and guide us in the challenging days ahead of us.

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker
Bishop of Fort Worth

link to the GAFCON Communiqué, including the Jerusalem Declaration

link to the Final Press Briefing on questions relating to the document

The Bishop's previous announcement:

The Global Anglican Future Conference

GAFCON will take place in Jerusalem on June 22-29, and I am pleased to be among those invited to participate. It will be an important part of my sabbatical experience this summer. The acronym stands for The Global Anglican Future Pilgrimage and Conference, and the event has been organized to enable orthodox Anglicans from around the world to meet together for a time to think, discuss, and pray about the future of the Anglican Communion. I am pleased that four others from the Diocese of Fort Worth have been invited to the conference as well. They are all young leaders for the future: the Very Rev. Ryan Reed (Dean of St. Vincent’s Cathedral and President of the Standing Committee), the Rev. Lee Nelson (curate at St. Laurence in Grapevine), Andrew Petta (Nashotah House seminarian from St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth), and Summerlynn Twyman (a lay missionary in training from St. Vincent’s).

The conference will endeavor to set out a clear, biblically faithful, and orthodox vision for the future of the Anglican Communion. An important part of the program will be spiritual pilgrimage, including prayer and worship at key biblical sites from both the Old and New Testaments. Participants will share experiences and resources in addressing poverty, HIV/AIDS, human rights issues, and ministry in contexts of religious hostility and plurality.

Visit the GAFCON Web site.

The Webmaster notes:
Bishop Iker will return to the office on Sept. 2, following his sabbatical and annual vacation.