Shield The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth  
August 30, 2010

Please pray for Sept. 2
court hearing in Hood County


Well, we’re headed back to court in Hood County on Thursday morning of this week, where Judge Walton once again has several motions to be heard from both sides. You may recall that this all has to do with The Episcopal Church trying to get its hands on a bequest left to St. Andrew’s in Fort Worth. Your prayers are asked for attorney Shelby Sharpe, who represents our interests in this case, as well as for Lisa Jamieson and R.H. Wallace who are the attorneys for the parish.

Here are a few comments by Shelby regarding this hearing:

“On Thursday morning, September 2 at 9:00, the court in Granbury will have an opportunity to dismiss those parties affiliated with The Episcopal Church who are trying to get the trust proceeds that have been left in trust for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Pray that the court will see clearly the issues and have a heart to rule justly. Our opponents are trying to get a postponement of the motion that will knock them out for lack of standing to be in the suit. Pray that the court will not grant that motion.

“Additionally, our opponents are trying to get me and the attorneys for St. Andrew's disqualified claiming we have not been hired by persons in authority to hire us based on an incorrect reading of the opinion from the Fort Worth Court of Appeals that granted our motion to order the trial judge in Tarrant County to dismiss the pleadings of two opposing counsel who failed to prove they were hired by people who had authority to hire them.

“Lastly, the court will have an opportunity to end the litigation that day by ruling that St. Andrew's named in the trust is still entitled to continue to receive what was left to it in the trust.”