Adopted in Conventions 1982-2007



Sec. 1.1 Every Parish and Mission in union with the Convention shall be entitled to Lay Delegates determined by the number of confirmed adult communicants in good standing reported in the Annual Parochial Report for the year ending December 31 next preceding the Diocesan Convention according to the following table:

100 or less – 1 Delegate 751 through 1,050 – 6 Delegates
101 through 200 – 2 Delegates 1,051 through 1,400 – 7 Delegates
201 through 300 – 3 Delegates 1,401 through 2,000 – 8 Delegates
301 through 500 – 4 Delegates 2,001 through 2,750 – 9 Delegates
501 through 750 – 5 Delegates 2,751 and over – 10 Delegates

In no case shall a Parish have more than ten (10) Lay Delegates.

Sec. 1.2 The selection of the Lay Delegates shall be certified in writing by the Secretary or Clerk of the Vestry of the Parish or Mission; but, in the absence of the Secretary or Clerk, such certificates of election may be signed by one of the Wardens, or by the Rector or Vicar of such Parish or Mission. The "Certificate of Election of Lay Delegates" shall show upon its face that their election as Delegates has been made pursuant to this Canon.

Sec. 1.3 Each Parish and Mission shall elect Alternate Lay Delegates equal in number to the number of Lay Delegates to which entitled. In the absence of a Lay Delegate, an Alternate Lay Delegate from the same Parish or Mission shall have all rights and privileges of a Lay Delegate. The election of Alternate Lay Delegates shall be certified in the same manner as provided for Lay Delegates.

Sec. 1.4 The Rectors of Parishes and Vicars of Missions shall have authority to fill such vacancies as may occur in the list of Alternate Lay Delegates between the time of such election and any meetings of The Convention.

Sec. 1.5 Immediately before the meeting or each Convention, the Bishop, or in case of his death or inability to act, the Standing Committee, shall prepare a list of the Clergy canonically resident in the Diocese, excluding those who have been suspended from the Ministry. The list shall be filed with the Secretary of the Convention on the first day of its meeting, and shall be prefixed to the Journal.

Sec. 1.6 All priest certified under Sec. 1.5 are voting members of this Convention.

Sec. 1.7 All deacons shall be entitled to seat and voice but no vote.

Revised November 1998

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Sec. 2.1 The Convention of this Diocese shall meet as provided in Article 3 of the Constitution.

Sec. 2.2 Special meeting of the Convention may be called only as provided in Article 4 of the Constitution.

Sec. 2.3 Whenever a special meeting of the Convention is called, the Secretary of the Diocese shall transmit a written notice to the Clergy entitled to a seat in the Convention and to the Wardens of Parishes and Missions of the Diocese. The notice shall specify the business to be transacted and the time and place of the meeting.

Sec. 2.4 It is the duty of Clergy entitled to a seat in the Convention and of Lay Delegates duly elected to attend all its sessions. Clergy may be absent from meetings of the Convention only by permission of the Bishop.

Sec. 2.5 Not later than twenty (20) days before the opening day of each Convention, the Secretary of the Diocese shall send in some manner to the Clergy and Lay Delegates the agenda, nominations, resolutions, proposals, proposed budget, and other pertinent material.

Sec. 2.6 Except to the extent controlled by the Constitution or Canons of this Diocese or adopted "Rules of Procedure" the meetings of the Convention shall be conducted in accordance with the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

Sec. 2.7 Before the Convention convenes the Bishop shall appoint a qualified Parliamentarian to advise him on parliamentary questions arising during the Convention.

Revised October, 1994

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Sec. 3.1 At the opening of any Convention, the President shall take the chair and shall declare as the first order of business the election of a Secretary of the Convention. A report shall follow by the Chairman of the Committee on Credentials as to the number of Clergy and Lay Delegates in attendance and whether or not there is a quorum. If there is a quorum, the Convention shall proceed to the transaction of business pursuant to the Order of Business recommended by the President and adopted by the Convention. If there is no quorum the Convention is adjourned until there is a quorum.

Revised October, 1989
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Sec. 4.1 At each Convention a Secretary shall be nominated by the Bishop and elected by the Convention and shall continue in office until a successor is elected.

Sec. 4.2 The Secretary shall have the following duties:

a. Take the minutes of the proceedings of the Convention;

b. After review of the minutes of the Convention by the Bishop, place such minutes in THE JOURNAL OF THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF FORT WORTH (the "Journal");

c. Preserve such documents and records as may be in possession of the Secretary and to deliver all such documents and records to the office of the Bishop for custody not later than four (4) months following adjournment of the Convention;

d. Send two (2) copies of the Journal to the secretary of the House of Deputies and one (1) copy of the Journal to the Archives of the Church;

e. Transmit to each General Convention a Certificate of the election of Clerical and Lay Deputies from this Diocese;

f. Within thirty (30) days after the adjournment of the Convention, furnish to the Treasurer of the Diocese a certified statement of the budget approved by the Convention for the ensuing year; and

g. Perform all such other duties as may be required by the Constitution and Canons of this Diocese or requested by the Bishop.

Sec. 4.3 Upon request of the Secretary, the Bishop may appoint one or more Assistant Secretaries, who shall serve until the next Convention under the direction of the Secretary and assist in the discharge of the duties of such office.

Sec. 4.4 In the event the Secretary is unwilling or unable to act or continue to act in the capacity of Secretary, the Bishop shall appoint a successor Secretary who shall continue in the office until the next Convention, when a successor shall be elected.

Revised October, 1990

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