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Responding to a notice in the Fort Worth newspaper in June 1947, Mrs. Mildred Sims, Mr. Lloyd H. Pope, Mrs. Beverly Glen Sims, Miss. Margie L. Holloway, and her sister, Miss. Norma J. Holloway came together to organize the first Episcopal Church to serve the African American community in Fort Worth. This core group was present when Rev. Charles Taylor celebrated the first Mass on July 6, 1947 at the McDonald Branch Y.M.C.A. in downtown Fort Worth. At this time, St. Simon was considered a Mission Church of St. Phillips, Dallas. 

In 1954, three lots, at the corner of Ramey and Stallcup, were donated by Jack York for the location of a new church. Until a church could be built, services continued to be held in the McDonald Y.M.C.A. and various homes and offices. In June of 1958, Christ the King church of Fort Worth donated a small building which was moved to the Ramey Avenue property. 

The first Mass was celebrated in the new building on July 6, 1958. In 1960, the building was enlarged and later converted to serve as the present parish hall. 

On February 27, 1972, a new church building, the result of donations and the Holly Memorial Fund, was dedicated. In the history of the dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth, St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church is the first African American congregation to construct its own church.

St. Simon was granted a mission status at the 55th Dallas Diocesan Convention in 1949. On October 10, 1987, the Parish of St. Simon of Cyrene was granted a full Parish status at the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Convention.

St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church has prospered due to its hard working members and a history of distinguished Priests. The Priests below have gracefully served our small but faithful group. By faith, we have come this far carrying the cross of Jesus as we walk along the road to His kingdom. We pray, with commitment and continuous Christian renewal, that we will continue to grow in the spirit of Christ.

Father Charles Taylor July 6, 1947 - April 18, 1948  
Father Guy Davidson April 25, 1948 - Sept. 12, 1949  
Various Priests Sept. 1949 - June 1956  
Father James Jackson June 10, 1956 - June 16, 1957  
Father J.A. LeVeque June 23, 1957 - March 15, 1958  
Father Victor E. J. Holly March 16, 1958 - May 31, 1962
Father Julian F. Dozier May 31, 1962 -Dec. 6, 1968
Various Priests Dec. 6, 1968 -Aug. 13, 1969
Father Gene Moore Haddock Aug. 13, 1969 -Sept. 21, 1986
Father Douglas Alford Oct. 11, 1986 - Feb. 25, 1990
1st Rector
Father Ronald R. Baskin Aug. 23, 1990 - Dec. 31, 1995
2nd Rector
Father Jonathan Ogujiofor July 1993 - Dec. 1995
April 1996 - Present
3rd Rector