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Happy Easter from St. Timothy's!All are welcome for traditional Anglican worship
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4201 Mitchell Boulevard - Fort Worth, Texas 76119 • 817-536-7856

Welcome to St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church,
a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

Worship Schedule
9 a.m.

9 a.m.
immediately following
Holy Days as announced
7 p.m. Mass


  A Message from Bishop Ackerman
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Beloved in Christ,

Thank you so very much for visiting the web site of St. Timothy's Church.

St. Timothy's has not only had a magnificent history, but together we are making history. History is not a slavish adherence to the past, but rather it is the reality of being connected directly to Jesus Christ our Savior through the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and participating in the Sacramental benefits provided by Christ Himself and dispensed by authentically ordained priests. Sadly Christianity is a divided Religion, and we pray for the reunion of the Church - both East and West.

St. Timothy's is witnessing a constant growth both numerically and spiritually, and we are regularly preparing newcomers for the Sacraments of Holy Confirmation, First Holy Communion, and Holy Matrimony. Our ministry is not to draw active Christians from other parishes, denominations, and Communions, but rather to be engaged in a life of evangelization whereby we actively seek to bring people to a living knowledge of Jesus Christ in the context of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church in the arms of a loving parish.

We are Anglican Catholics, often called "Anglo Catholics", inheritors of the Faith that made its way from Jerusalem to what is now the United Kingdom, and to the colonies now known as the United States. We are heirs of what is often called the "Anglican Patrimony" and are in Communion with the See of Canterbury along with countless Anglicans throughout the world. We are a living branch of the Catholic Church, and hold in highest regard others who seek a living knowledge of our living Savior in other branches of Christianity.

We pray that you will discover how welcome you are at St. Timothy's. I have had the blessing of discovering, in January 2012, a delightful and dedicated group of people who simply wanted to continue to celebrate the Faith which had always been theirs. Since that day in January we have nearly tripled in size, have added classes and numerous events, have done massive work in helping to restore buildings and rooms as good stewards of the physical facilities, and have welcomed over 100 workers from the area who have helped us in our endeavors.

We pray that you will visit and discover the joy that exists in worshipping our precious Savior, Jesus Christ, in a traditional liturgy that conveys timeless truths for those seeking to be reconnected with that Savior, where truth is spoken in love.

With love in Christ,

Bishop Keith L. Ackerman, SSC
VIIIth Bishop of Quincy (ret.)
Vicar of St. Timothy's Church


Christus Rex This
Christus Rex
cross, now hanging in the parish house, honors the life of longtime member
Lilian Lent.

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