Church School 

Every Sunday after Mass, from September through May, classes are available for children of all ages.

Adult Classes

St. Timothy's is blessed to have four men with Theological training who share in the Adult Christian Education Classes that meet on Sundays after Mass, and after having had some "Coffee Hour" time.  The subjects range from Book Studies to Contemporary issues as seen in the light of traditional theology.

Inquirers’/Confirmation Classes

We are regularly approached by those who seek to be Baptized, Confirmed, make their First Holy Communion, make their Confession, or be Received from another Branch of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Classes are regularly offered throughout the course of the year.  Although our current Vicar is a Bishop, we have an annual Visitation of the Diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jack L. Iker, and at that time most of our Candidates are presented.


The Sermons are presented in a way that will convey the truth of the Holy Scriptures and offer guidance in the ways in which those truths can be applied to our daily lives.  In addition to the Sunday Sermon (or Homily) a sermon is preached at the Wednesday Morning Mass along with every Holy Day Mass.