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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a dedicated group of women who care for the vestments and vessels of the Altar.  For them it is a call from The Lord, to minister in a very particular way, not unlike the love and care demonstrated by St. Mary and St. Martha.

We also have a Junior Altar Guild, another dedicated group of young women who assist in all phases of Altar Guild work, being mentored by women who are excellent role models.

Altar Servers

St. Timothy's has a very active and devout group of men who serve at the Altar as Sub-Deacons, assisting the Deacon and Celebrant, as Masters of Ceremonies, Thurifers, Boat Boys, Crucifers, Torch Bearers and Acolytes.  Inasmuch as the Mass is a foretaste of Heaven, this dedicated group of Altar Servers is used by God as a visible reminder of nonstop worship in Heaven, before the Glorious Throne.

Coffee Hour

It is difficult to know what to call "Coffee Hour" at St. Timothy's.  For some it is an extension of the Mass - a response to "Depart in Peace."  In fact, we like to say at St. Timothy's that "when the Mass is over our Service begins."  We like to serve each other, and offerings at the Parish House just yards away from our Church Building is, indeed, a happy and fun filled time, where the joy realized at Mass flows into our time together at the Parish House.