Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

TELET training offered to churches
throughout the diocese


Telet groupHave you ever been in a situation where you wanted to tell someone about the Lord, but you didn’t know what to say? Probably. We’ve all been in a situation where we wanted to be an effective witness, but couldn’t think of the words.

TELET – The Episcopal Lay Evangelism Training – teaches us how to become comfortable with sharing our faith. The Diocese of Fort Worth’s Evangelism Commission provides the TELET Saturday seminar in your church or meeting space, and it lasts from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. In it you will gain new skills, new confidence, and a renewed enthusiasm for sharing your faith.

Fr. Scott WilsonThe TELET seminar consists of a talks, exercises, videos, role plays, and presentations. Lunch and a light breakfast are provided.

TELET teaches you how to share the Christian Faith in one-on-one situations. You learn how to go from “small talk” to conversations that make a difference, express your own faith with confidence and TELET shows you how to explain the saving work of Christ in simple, believable terms.

Your church or organization provides the food and the space, the seminar leaders provide all the materials.

Cost for the program is $15/person. For answers to your questions or to schedule a training date: churches, please find Fr. Wilson's contact information in your Directory. Others, please call the diocesan office at 817-244-2885.



Telet discussion“Many people are reticent to talk to others about their personal faith. TELET is an experience that
addresses that reality in a non-threatening way and is designed to help us learn to share our faith
with others in an authentic and natural way. The program has my enthusiastic support.”

-Bishop Jack L. Iker

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